A necessary change

ICCAS represents an evolution in the way of tackling global, regional and local challenges.

Fromm 1990 generating scientific value

The Instituto for Scientific Cooperation in Environment and Health (ICCAS in Spanish) is an institutional development after 30 years of uninterrupted work in the region as ILSI ArgentinaThis aims to find a better way to channel research and dissemination adequately and comprehensively.

This Institute works towards broaden transdisciplinary connectivity and the integrative approach, which is key to the advance of the scientific discussion on environment and health.

ICCAS will continue to work under the private-public partnership philosophy, and prioritizing scientific quality. This will be a space for interactive and joint work, adapting to the new ways of collaboration, through digital platforms, and building an ecosystem of organizations that can  contribute with diverse visions and expertise.

How we work

ICCAS was created with the vision of expanding the opportunities for connection between disciplines from diverse fields, where the participants can exchange, think and learn all together, not only at a local level but also fostering access to regional and international experts to improve these exchanges.

ICCAS works together with several organizations, such as: universities, foundations, international organization, research institutes and the industry.

ICCAS receives funding from diverse souces:

  • Our WGs and advisors are 90% volunteer. These resources are translated into donated hours, expertise, teaching workshops and trainings, writing, revision and edition of publications.

  • In a similar way, the institutions which we work with (foundations, institutes, universities and government agencies) provide in kind resources: from access to venues and digital platforms, to grants for specific projects.

  • The companies that support ICCAS contribute to the activities and to the proper working of the Institution in a collaborative way, which means that a joint found is established that is administered according to the Institution's strategic plan, in a participatory and transparent decision-making process, coordinated by the working groups.

Over the past 15 years…

  • We have been working with over 80 institutions in more than 450 activities & 50 publications.

  • Over than 800 professionals, Argentine and foering, from the public and private sector have donated hours collaborating with presentations at local and international events, trainings and workshops, contributing to our WGs and in publications.

Resources distribution

Our values

  • Transparencia

    All of the outputs from our Working Groups are public, from publications in peer review journals, special reports, workshop summaries to streamed and recorded events. The data obtained are shared and assessed by colleagues from diverse areas in order to identify improving opportunities. These data is also included in databases available for other specialists, government agencies and researchers to contribute to the public good.

  • Ethics

    The members and participants of ICCAS are invited because of their individual professional expertise, not representing their institutions. All of them are informed about the scientific integrity principles, the policies and code of ethics of the Institution.

  • Independence and neutrality

    All interactions and initiatives foster science-based decision making process and responsible communication of health and environment issues. The diversity of points of view gathered in our WGs and expert panels maximize the objectivity when targeting these issues and identifying needs and solutions.

  • Capacity building

    This is one of the main objectives of ICCAS. To contribute to create and update knowledge is fundamental in times when new information and data are generated in record time. To share and transfer knowledge and tools is one of the main contributions to public good.

Instituto para la Cooperación Científica en Ambiente y Salud

Ciencia para un mundo nuevo


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